I dream of colored bubbles; smiling, filling my life with the goodness of fairy-tales. Challenges get me going; it is easier for me to believe that I can accomplish anything I choose to.

This blog is about my dreams meeting their reality. 🙂 🙂

Sometimes, there are pebbles strewn around in my path. I won’t lie and say that I enjoy the uncertainty and trickiness of it all. My happiness, however, lies in those glorious moments wherein the bubbles of my dreams touch the pebbles blocking my path, giving away a part of themselves in moistening every obstacle they encounter, to go on to continue their upward climb with faith, inner strength and grit determination.

There could be troubles and foibles, but I think, when your intention is noble, you’re bound to sparkle, write your own fable and perform every miracle!

I’m marching forward with hope in my heart.

Care to walk with me? 🙂


:) Want to say something?

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